Vertical Imagery – Mapping

Aerial Oklahoma made the transition from our tried and true film based survey camera back in 2012. While the transition offered many challenges, we’re extremely happy with the results from the digital platform! Taking advantage of the technological revolution in photogrammetry bolstered by the international advancement in drone based imagery, AOK has coupled the tried and true (and legal!) performance of a traditional fixed wing platform with state of the art digital sensors and photogrammetry software. We downsized from our gas hog of a Cessna 206t which was required to haul around hundreds of pounds of film survey equipment down to an extremely fuel efficient Cessna 177. Couple the fuel savings with the quick turn around time offered with the digital platform and we’ve been able to reduce the cost and turn around time on projects significantly.

Below you’ll find an example of Vertical Imagery with Half Foot resolution imagery from Feb 2015. Total time from takeoff to deliverables was under 24 hours to map 6 square miles in OKC.

Half Foot

Half Foot Resolution Example

Below is an example of Quarter Foot resolution vertical imagery. This level of detail is best for smaller areas such as accident reconstruction or corridor surveys.

Quarter Foot Resolution Example

Quarter Foot Resolution Example

When we need to cover a larger area, 1 Foot Resolution fits the bill.

1 Foot Resolution

1 Foot Resolution

Download a Half Foot resolution example below:

KMZ Download for Google Earth Import:  LINK

JPG2000 Download for GIS applications:  LINK

3D Data derived from vertical flight

3D Data Derived from Vertical Flight