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​We love to help our clients tell the story.

We like making maps!  Big maps, little maps, 3d maps, historical maps, environmental maps, legal graphics maps, eminent domain maps, Grandpa's farm maps, volumetric maps, neighbors fence maps, hunting lease maps.


We love capturing progress.  Highway progress, building progress, environmental cleanup progress, construction progress, river accretion progress, urban renewal progress, commercial development progress, quarry volumetric progress. 

We've also been known to count things.  In fact, we count around a 100 million barrels every week.

It's easy, it's affordable, it's beautiful.


For the initiated, we've provided a download link below and encourage you to judge its quality & value.

Everything on this page was captured in 20 minutes on January 5th, 2021 by a  scan on our way back to the airport.  It's not our best work, not the biggest area, not the prettiest time of's intentionally not remarkable.  It's meant to be a representative sample of our work.

This flight featured:

  • Zero Ground Control

  • 3 Inch Resolution / 3500' swath / 550 Acres

  • Total Bill:  $2,227 Volumetric /   $1,750 Orthometric




Accuracy Check

AOK 3" Volumetric vs 2020 USGS Lidar

(Green is Good)

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