Historical Aerial Photography / Decade Package

What is your time worth?

Historical aerial photography/ decade package’s aren’t rocket science, they just take FOREVER to locate, scan, and scale or geo-reference.  A vast majority of our HDP clients spent years in college attaining advanced degrees with the hope to avoid boring grunt work.  They also understand that 9 times out of 10, phase 1′s are a loss leader, no sense in wasting a day running from agency to agency trying to track down adequate coverage when they can shoot us a call or email and have the HDP in their inbox in a few hours.  If you’re shooting for efficiency and have better things to do with your time, we’re here to help!

Aerial Oklahoma maintains the largest privately held Historical Aerial Photo archive in Oklahoma. Primarily used in the Environmental Science and Archaeology fields, our Historical Decade Package is a quick and convenient means of tracking land use, river movement, or environmental damage over time.



Here’s an example of our 3d capabilities using historical imagery: Long Mountain OK 1960 3d

Historical Decade Progression